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Chapel by the road

Recently, I’ve travelled with my friend by car from the Tatras back to Košice. We drove alongside the Spišský castle, majestically towering above the road. Nearby the castle was a small hill, with a small church atop of it. Or a chapel. I don’t know what it’s called. Actually, that’s the entire point. We go around it few times a year. A nice hill. A nice chapel. Near the road. But if someone wanted to get to it, they would have to go out of their way, turn to the side and go up there. Maybe it wouldn’t even be so hard. And maybe it wouldn’t even take much time. Maybe I’ll do it once. Maybe, sometime, later. And maybe never. It might be interesting, maybe even romantic, nice. But somehow I don’t have a sufficient reason. And thus I never go there.

It reminds me of the church a bit. People see that it is there. Its presence is somehow visible. But do they have a sufficient reason to go out of their way in life and at least stop by for a short moment? To stay a while and listen to the Message we have? When they see our church, does it attract them to come in, to come among us? Why yes? And maybe why not?

Are we like this chapel by the road, that completes the picture of the landscape, but if it vanished, than maybe no one wouldn’t have even noticed? Would anyone even miss it?

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