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Construction of the church building and community center

Last year we have come to a decisive agreement to alter the construction project, first at the presbytery and later at the covenant. We have come to this conclusion because of financial reasons and technical reasons. Issues with the static’s of the building had been confirmed by an independent static assessment.

Also the required budget of the project exceeded our real possibilities and the construction of the church was overly complicated. This decision was not simple. We understand that not everyone accepted this with joy. However, until now we haven’t had a reason to regret this decision but on the contrary. Afterwards we have informed out mother church on Mlynská Street about this decision.

During summer the terms of reference for the preparation of the new project documentations were passed and afterwards the invitation to participate in the competition was published. The panel was composed of members of our presbytery, of representatives of the church on Mlynská Street and also of independent experts.

From the five submitted entries the panel had chosen the submission of Studio TRISTAN co. Ltd. Prešov – N. Šebastová under the leadership of Ing. arch. M. Ferja, which suited our terms the most. We have entered negotiations with them and at the present it is being worked on new project documentations so that we can resume construction this year. The new project will require fewer finances, will be smaller in scale and easier to execute technically and also will use the given space better.