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Our goals

In line with Gods assignment we want to receive God’s mercy via faith from the Word and ministering the Sacraments and we want to answer God’s mercy with gratitude, glorifying God, moral life, brotherly love, Christian service and with conscientiousness in our everyday duties in family, marriage, professional life.

We want to responsibly perform out God-given missionary mandate, to bring the Gospel to all people, to bring them to faith in the Lord Jesus. In the same spirit we want out our church, with everything it is, to be an open missionary ground for all people.

As our response to God’s love we want to serve people in their needs, have understanding and sympathy for the sick, immobile and the elderly. We want to protect the honor and rights of all people, bring people to peace, to mutual understanding and reconciliation, to overcome all racial, national, class and gender prejudices and to take care of people in need.

We want to take care of endangered groups: children, youth, families, the socialy weak and those with health disabilities.

We want to bring people to knowing the Word of God, so that we may grow in faith, love and hope and so that everyone considers the gift of live an opportunity to practice Christian faith.

We want to represent the unity given by God to His People by living in the love of Christ and by uniting with other Christians in prayer and life, so that we may show the unity the Holy Spirit is giving us. In an ecumenical spirit we want to maintain relationships with other Christian churches, with other Christian organizations, Christian communities and the Jewish religious community.

(Statute of the Church, Article no. 4.1.)